City Tour El Calafate

City Tour El Calafate

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Project Description

In El Calafate you will find an enjoyable trip, a historical and natural ride around the city, going trough the most traditional places of town.

We will travel on time from the first humans that lived in this place to the present, getting to know all the cultural and environmental changes that transformed El Calafate in the town we see today. The first stop will be in Punta Walichu, an archaeological site where you will know about the original people that lived in this area, from the prehistoric rock painting to the Tehuelches, the last of the original people that lived here. You will also get information about the landscape, geology, flora and fauna of the area. The ride will go around the oldest places of the town, visiting the first houses, the main buildings, the community center and the city hall. You will visit the Bahia Redonda where we will be able to observe a myriad of fascinating birds.

At the end we will stop at the History Exhibition Hall- Centro de Interpretation Historica-, where the exposition will take you through 14000 years of environmental and social evolution from the glaciations to the present.

During this trip you will have the opportunity of being a witness of the development of the place and realize that you are also part of its evolution

Daily Departures: 09.00 AM & 03.00 PM.

English speaking guide.

It includes: Punta Walichu & History Exhibition Hall- Centro de Interpretación Histórica, access fee.